Global Migration & Politics
Analysis and commentary on the politics of the Middle East, of the power games that defines the region, and the economic, religious and ethnic problems the region is often facing.



Contribution on the human rights situation in Yemen and the politics of the war in Yemen; live TV

UNHCR Portugal

Presentation on Syria and the critical humanitarian situation during war, human rights violations and lack of protection for the civil population


Interview to the Danish Broadcasting Radio on the #Metoo movement in Iran, and about Iranian womens fight for independence

Os Aprendizes

Lectures on global citizenship, human rights, asylum, refugees and civic empowerment for ICGSE students

Point of View International

Online course on how to strengthen the democratic participation amongst marginalised groups in the Danish society. Strengthening the democratic process, participation and sense of citizenship

St. Julian’s

St. Julians – annual lectures for year 5 students on life as a refugee. Life in a refugee camp, lectures on human rights and understanding children growing up in war

Casit Development Center
for Chinese students

Extended series of lectures on human rights, asylum and refugees, understanding the concept of global citizenship and developing the understanding of civic empowerment

Nordic International Centre of Education

Lecture on basic human rights, exercises on life as an asylum seeker, what is it like to be a refugee

Dagbladenes Bureau

Interviews about Saudi Arabia and the power struggles in the Middle East

Kristeligt Dagblad

Interview on womens´rights and tendencies of emancipation in the Middle East

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